Hemp fabric fibre is so easy to grow, so soft and attractive and so loaded with excellent natural properties that it seems almost custom-designed to provide our planet with an incredibly versatile, sustainable material.
Hemp fabric provides all the softness of a natural textile but with a strength that is an amazing 3 times higher than cotton – making it uniquely hard-wearing and long-lasting. 100% hemp fabric has an attractive natural finish and can also be mixed with cotton or silk to produce a wide variety of different weights and types of fabric.

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Hemp twine 0.5 mm

100% Hemp twine 0.5mm
From R 14.00

Hemp twine 1mm

100% Hemp twine 1mm
From R 20.00

Hemp twine 1mm with metallic thread

100% Hemp twine 1mm
From R 24.50

Hemp twine 2mm

100% Hemp twine 2mm
From R 23.00

Hemp twine 4mm

100% Hemp twine 4mm
From R 60.00

Hemp twine 6mm

100% Hemp twine 6mm
From R 95.00

Hemp Cord 8mm

From R 7.80

Hemp webbing 25 mm

Hemp webbing 25 mm
From R 23.00

Hemp webbing 38 mm

Hemp webbing 38 mm
From R 25.30

Hemp webbing 50 mm

Hemp webbing 50mm
From R 32.20

Hemp Fabric Swatchbook

Hemporium Fabric swatchbook
R 290.00

Hemp Heavy Weight 100% Hemp Herringbone

Heavy weight 100% hemp canvas
From R 321.00

Hemp Heavy Weight 100% Plain weave

Medium weight 100% hemp canvas
From R 293.00

Hemp Heavy Weight 100% Hemp Canvas

Heavy weight 100% hemp canvas
From R 256.50

Hemp Light Weight Hemp Organic Linen Fabric

Light weight hemp organic linen fabric
From R 121.00

Hemp Summer Weight Hemp Linen

Summer weight hemp linen fabric
From R 143.75

Hemp Summer Weight Wide Linen

Summer weight hemp 2.5m wide linen fabric
From R 223.50

Hemp Extra Wide Hemp Organic Linen Fabric

Extra wide hemp organic linen light weight fabric.
From R 253.00

Hemp Winter Weight Organic Jersey

Winter weight hemp jersey
From R 155.25

Hemp Winter Weight Organic Fleece

Winter weight hemp fleece
From R 230.00

Hemp Hurd for Building

From R 255.00